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Ms. Liswood's book is the compilation of 19 interviews with women heads of state and heads of government.  Liswood explores the motivations which led today's women leaders to enter politics, as well as the types of criticisms leveled at their leadership, which tend to be more harsh and personal than those directed at their male counterparts.  In her book, Ms. Liswood incorporates the biographies of each leader as well as background information on the countries they govern.  Insightful information about politics and leadership given from a gendered perspective.


"This book (Women World Leaders) continues to stand as the classic analysis of women worldwide. In this highly anticipated, updated volume, Liswood shows us the progress women have made. She also offers trenchant analysis of why women have a long way to go so that women leaders become simply leaders."

Karen O' Connor 
Director, Women & Politics Institute 
School of Public Affairs, American University


Introduced by Judith Woodward of CNN, the 'Women World Leaders' DVD is a collection of highlights from Laura's interviews with women heads of state and heads of government which served as the basis for her book, Women World Leaders.

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"Laura Liswood's timing is perfect in giving us the stories and words of the most powerful and interesting women leaders around the world. With great intelligence and insight, Liswood mixes history and biography with these women's answers to probing questions. Readers will come away not only informed, but also inspired."

Robin Gerber 
Author of Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: 
Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage

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