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Serving Them Right examines the most persistent and longstanding barriers to quality and good customer service in American business. Liswood studies distinct tactics and techniques for improving service delivery and raising customer satisfaction levels. She outlines the nuts and bolts of service-delivery management and the ongoing commitment needed to sustain an effective program once it is in place.

Laura Liswood provides practical advice to management at all levels of an organization to restore quality and service in American business. She discusses cutting-edge ideas such as the need for a chief service officer, a complete realignment of complaint-handling by top management, and a new set of service measurement standards.

“Serving Them Right is must reading for anyone trying to improve the quality and performance of a service organization.”

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO, Federal Express

“Laura Liswood is right on the money. Her strategies for keeping customers will definitely translate to the bottom line.”

Burt Staniar
Chairman and CEO, Westinghouse Broadcasting

“Customer retention is one of the most important strategic issues for the 1990s…Serving Them Right: Innovative and Powerful Customer Retention Strategies embraces many of the concepts and principles that we have found to be important to our clients as they manage toward Zero Defections.”

Fred Reichheld
Customer Retention Practice Leader, Bain & Company

“Serving Them Right will prove to be a productive tool for the countless companies that have elevated their objective in the pursuit of total quality.”

Robert W. Galvin
Chairman of the Executive Committee, Motorola

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