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The Loudest Duck dives into the many aspects of diversity in the ever-expanding, increasingly global workplace. Through practical stories, cultural anecdotes and personal experiences, Laura Liswood explains how to ensure a fair and level playing field for anyone working his or her way up the ladder in this new corporate world order. Non-dominant groups - women, minorities, short people, just to name a few - face an uphill battle when it comes to reaching the top levels in leadership. Liswood discusses some of the reasons for the challenges encountered by historically underrepresented groups and suggests ways to overcome those obstacles by going beyond usual ideas about diversity.

The tools, frameworks and parables in the book aim to offer a new vision, a new level of awareness, a new understanding of diversity. If the loudest duck in China gets shot, but the squeaky wheel in the U.S. gets the grease, there must be a way for the two different approaches to be appreciated and not unconsciously judged, especially as globalization continues to 'shrink' our world. This book details why those differences should be made conscious and why awareness of such issues should be embraced and harnessed to the benefit of all in order to create a workplace where no one is subtly advantaged or disadvantaged because of their diversity.

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