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Ms. Liswood is an international, award-winning speaker who conveys her insights regarding leadership, diversity, women in politics and business to both large and small audiences. In her speeches, Ms. Liswood explores the questions surrounding myths of leadership and lessons of leaders. She looks at best practices of excellent leaders drawing upon the interviews she has conducted with women heads of state and heads of government. She shares insights on how to enhance opportunities to lead and shape one’s career successfully. Ms. Liswood is an expert on diversity and why it matters. She uses her new book, The Loudest Duck, to explore the need to move beyond diversity.

Her previous engagements have included keynote addresses at the 2009 Professional Businesswomen of California Annual Summit, San Francisco, CA; the 2009 ATHENA International Leadership Summit, Chicago, IL; General Mills Women's Forum, Minneapolis, MN; Run Women Run PAC, San Diego, CA; the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Phoenix, AZ; the Center for the Study of the Presidency, Washington, DC; Women's Forum for Business and Society, Deauville, France; Women's Foundation, Hong Kong, China; Women in the City, London, UK; and the Possible Woman Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA, among others.

Topics covered by Laura:

  • Myths and Lessons of Leadership (larger audiences)

  • Communication Styles and Managing Well – Men and Women at Work (larger audiences)

  • Finding the Leader Within

  • Women World Leaders

  • Challenges of Diversity – The Loudest Duck

  • Moving Beyond the Unconscious Bias

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